Landscape architecture includes the arrangement and selection of plants with the arrangement the land by combining building elements (paths, gazebos, pools, ponds, etc.) with garden accessories (outdoor furniture, light fittings, decorative pots, etc.) all this in a unified, balanced concept in harmony with the building and its annexes existing annexes. A park, a garden, a park square, are some of the areas where a landscaping can produce a true work of art.
The decorative importance of vegetation in the architectural landscape of a city is even greater, in the geometry of buildings, green spaces introduce variety and colour. An ensemble architectural ensemble increases its artistic expressiveness if it is framed or surrounded by vegetation, lawns or water mirrors. A specialist can guide you in choosing plants that perfectly suit your needs, taking into account important aspects such as: time maintenance time, water sources, light conditions, climate, etc. Any design, any garden is a living, ever-changing universe. The landscape architect takes into account and designs for the long term. They know the pace and volume of of the plants and the colours that will predominate in each season. So any will become more and more beautiful with time. The team at LANDSCAPE PLANNING AND DESIGN SERVICE - Trip Cirebon. SA offers you the following services, coming up to the public with ingenious and full of ideas colourful ideas:

  • consultancy
  • landscape design for:
    1. Parks
    2. Stables
    3. Fountains
    4. Playgrounds for children
    5. Sports fields
    6. Complete landscaping of green spaces, intersections, adjacent streets
    7. Private gardens
  • maintenance of green spaces

The services we offer are applied on a personalised basis, following the wishes of our clients. The project includes survey, landscape consultant, general landscaping plan (concept), planting plan, irrigation system representation, 3D project visualization, perspectives, technical memorandum, technical-financial offer, lighting plan, pathway plan and paving, pergola design, proposal for decoration elements, fountain and waterfall design.

Main activities carried out in the design department are:
  • design and landscaping services;
  • design and civil engineering services;
  • urban design and engineering services;
  • engineering and technical consultancy services;
The design and engineering and other technical services provided consist of civil construction projects, land development projects and town planning, more specifically:
  • architecture design;
  • design of resistance structures;
  • design of thermal, plumbing and electrical installations;
  • the drafting of documentation for the Urban Planning Certificate, the approvals and agreements necessary for the issuance of the Building Permit;
  • technical expertise;
  • drawing up the reports;
  • monitoring construction works (site management);
  • technical books;
  • preparation of work estimates;
  • geotechnical studies;
  • project verifications (MLPAT);
  • Feasibility Studies;

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