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More than 2,200 people have now reported the issue in a new online survey by the Michigan State Police.

The survey, conducted by the Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit, is aimed at helping police identify problems with the use of the polygraph in an attempt to identify those who may be at risk.

“While there is no conclusive evidence that the polygram causes false positives, we can confirm that it is frequently used in the process of conducting polygraph examinations,” the Police Dept said.

“The polygraph exam is an invasive and subjective process that may result in false positives.”

One in 10 people are caught using the polygraphic during an interview, but a large number of people are never caught.

The Police Dept also wants to know if the polygrapher is trained, experienced and licensed.

Some polygraphers are also trained in the use and the accuracy of the test.

It is not the first time the police department has faced questions about the use-and-abuse of the tests.

In 2015, it was revealed that some officers had lied on polygraph exams.

In 2016, a former police sergeant accused the department of being complicit in the polygray scandal. 

The polygraphing company, Gizmo Technologies, was acquired by Gilead in 2012 for $1.9 billion.

The company’s CEO and founder, Scott Weems, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit bribery in 2015.

In 2017, Weems pleaded guilty to two counts of mail and wire fraud and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Weems has been released on bail, but remains in custody.

The Police Dept has also been accused of using the testing as a tool to stop people who they deem have a mental health problem.

In June, police in the city of Grand Rapids were accused of trying to use the polygramp test to catch people with depression.

“It’s not just about the person who’s being tested, it’s about their whole life,” Chief Matthew Cavanaugh said in June.

“They are at risk of not being believed, not being treated appropriately.”

 The Police Department has also said that the results of the results will be used to investigate other crimes, including sex trafficking, but that the accuracy and validity of the result is still being investigated.

“We will use this information to further our investigations into potential sex trafficking crimes and crimes of violence, including crimes against children,” the department said.

RTE contacted the police force for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.

Posted by RTE at 10:02:10

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