How to file a dispute with Blizzard over game accounts

Blizzard has responded to complaints over its decision to limit users to a limited set of accounts, saying that some accounts are more appropriate for some uses.

The company is looking to improve its handling of player accounts as part of an effort to protect its reputation, according to a blog post that Blizzard shared Monday.

The company says that some account holders are more suitable for certain uses than others.

“To ensure that Blizzard has the tools to identify and address the use of account holders in a way that is appropriate for their use, we have instituted restrictions that limit the amount of time that an account holder can use the account,” Blizzard wrote.

“While this is an effort on our part to ensure that the game itself is designed for the widest variety of play styles and players, we recognize that it can be challenging for us to implement changes that are both fair and consistent.”

A company spokesperson declined to provide more detail on the measures, but said that Blizzard will be working with law enforcement and other parties to make the changes as quickly as possible.

The post did not elaborate on the specific steps Blizzard is taking.

But some gamers, who say they have been banned from using their Blizzard account for several months because they have played Overwatch in a different account than their original account, are concerned that Blizzard is limiting accounts in the wrong way.

“I have been playing Overwatch for a year and a half and have never had any issues with it,” user Naveen wrote on Reddit.

“I’m a new player and would really like to get my old account back.

I was thinking if I go back and do that, that I might get banned from Overwatch for that.”

While Blizzard has previously said that it will allow any account holder to switch to another Overwatch account, it said it would only allow one to do so every 30 days.

This is not the first time Blizzard has faced criticism over restricting the ability of a gamer to switch accounts.

In March, Blizzard shut down its Overwatch and Battle.

Net Gold service for the purpose of implementing new player restrictions, and also said it was limiting the ability to use the Overwatch Battle Network service for a number of accounts.

The Blizzard team also recently changed its Terms of Service, saying users can use a Blizzard account to play on other sites without paying for access.

The new rules also state that any user who wishes to switch an Overwatch account to another service must pay for it, which could mean that those accounts could be blocked if Blizzard can’t figure out a way to enforce the new restrictions.

Some users are upset that Blizzard’s new measures will not apply to accounts that have already been banned.

“This means that if you were banned from Blizzard, your account could be banned again,” user XxxXxXxxx wrote on Twitter.

“What will Blizzard do about account suspensions?

How will they get their account back?

This is not right, I hate it.”

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