How to keep your football team sane while you’re in rehab

A year ago today, we told you how to make your NFL team less stressful by avoiding all the pressure that comes with playing in front of a television audience, all the pregame hype and a whole lot of TV cameras.

Today, we’re sharing our tips for keeping your football game-day routine and your teammates healthy while you recover from a year in rehab.

We know that a lot of players and teams are going through the same thing, and if you’re one of them, we want to make sure you know how to keep everything working.

So let’s go over how to stay calm, get to the rehab facility and avoid the TV cameras, and make sure that you get your game-time practice back.


Avoid the TV and other distractions.

If you’re the only person watching football, you may feel the pressure to watch as many games as you can.

This can be especially difficult when you’re already a little fatigued.

So try to be as peaceful as possible, especially if you have friends or family members nearby.

If the only thing you’re watching is the game on TV, keep it to a minimum and avoid distractions.

Some teams are starting to adjust to being on TV during the offseason and the game will get more competitive.

But you’ll still be able to relax and enjoy the game as much as you normally would.


Make sure you’re taking advantage of your downtime.

If there’s no TV or other distractions to distract you, get yourself out of bed and do whatever you need to do to get yourself into the rehabilitation facility.

For example, if you need a massage, take a nap in your office.

Or, if there’s an exam coming up, go grab your buddy and go get some ice cream.

You can also use your free time to get some rest and eat some delicious food that’s available in the rehab facilities.

Don’t forget to take care of your pets, especially when they’re in the rehabilitation facilities.

These are the kinds of things that make you feel like you’re actually part of the rehabilitation program.


Get some exercise.

You may be able do something physical during your rehab, but it’s important to stay away from the computer, the TV, or the radio during your recovery.

It’s not something you want to get into during a rehabilitation program, and you’ll definitely need to use your breaks when you need them.

So make sure to get your body and mind into a different position during your rehabilitation.

Exercise is an excellent way to make up for the lack of normal activity.

So take some time to exercise and get in some great workout with a trainer or a coach, or go for a run.

Exercise will help you get through rehab and help you regain some of your strength.


Keep it simple.

There’s no reason to get distracted by all the TV or the internet while you are in rehab, and it won’t take much to keep the team focused and focused on your rehab.

If that means going to the gym, go for it.

Exercise has been shown to increase physical strength and reduce the risk of injury.

Plus, it can help with mood and concentration.

For more tips on staying calm while rehab, check out our NFL football rehab blog.


Take care of yourself.

Don and your family are going to be watching this site constantly, so it’s essential that you stay healthy.

If your rehab team is watching, they’re going to want to know what’s going on and be ready to help you if they need you.

If not, they can ask you questions.

You’ll need to be comfortable talking to them and answer them honestly if they want to help.

If they’re not, you’ll probably have to leave the rehab program.

So you should know what to do and what not to do when you are there.


Use a good bed.

You probably have a lot more than enough bed space in your rehabilitation center, but you’ll want to do your best to make that space available.

It will make rehab much more manageable and will help with your recovery process.

Here are some good beds to choose from: 7.

Use your phone.

It won’t be a big deal if you just use your phone, but if you do use your cell phone during rehab, you might want to use a dedicated phone line.

This is especially important if you work at home or have other obligations, and they can help you keep in touch.

You might even want to have a designated time to call your rehab center to get more information on when the rehab starts and when it ends.

If this is the case, you should call the rehab center right away and make it a priority to get to a designated place.

If it’s your first rehab and you have a dedicated cell phone line, make sure the number you use to call is assigned to you so you can call whenever you need.

If none of the above works, make your phone line a permanent part of your

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