How to make sure you are safe at the annual Thai Phun festival

Phun Festival is the world’s biggest outdoor event, attracting millions of people from around the world to a single place in the Thai capital Bangkok.

This year, it’s taking place in May, with over 100 million people attending in the capital, but many visitors don’t realise they’re travelling in the wrong country.

We’ve put together a guide to what you need to know before you head out.

Thailand Phun Festival: where is it?

The Phun is the ancient term for a festival in Thai Buddhism, and the annual festival is one of the largest in the country.

In its simplest form, Phun takes place in a large central square in Bangkok, which is where most of the action happens.

In a traditional tradition, the crowd gathers around a round wooden platform that’s been decorated with wooden sticks and festooned with colourful balloons and lanterns.

This is where the traditional food, music and dancing take place.

It’s also where you can buy some of the country’s most popular street foods, including phuk thai chicken, chow mai and khao kuang.

Phun has become a tourist attraction for the past several years, attracting tens of millions of visitors each year.

The festival itself is an important event for the country, with many of the big names from across the globe performing on stages.

It has a wide range of activities for visitors, from street festivals to performances and entertainment.

How to get there: phun is a long way from Bangkok, but you can easily reach it via a bus from Bangkok or by taking a taxi from Bangkok.

From Bangkok, take a taxi to Phuket Airport.

The Phun bus departs from Bangkok International Airport at 10:20am.

If you arrive at Phukets airport after 10:10am, you’ll have to wait at the arrivals area.

You can then board the bus to Phun.

Once on the bus, you can take the Phun train to Phanatakan, the city’s largest public transportation hub.

When and where to go: Phun attracts over 80 million people a year, and it’s the main destination for many tourists.

Many Phanats events and attractions are located in the area, and many hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are located along the main streets of the city.

There are also several major attractions along the way, including Phanomaks main street, the main shopping mall, Phukan’s main square, and several of Phun’s more famous locations.

You may also be able to get a tour of some of Phanayak’s other attractions like the Thai royal palace, the Royal Palace of Phukkit and Phukakot.

When you arrive in Phanitakan from Bangkok on a bus, there are a few stops along the route, but it’s best to arrive at the airport in the evening, so you’ll be ready to head straight to the Phanaget area.

What to bring: Bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen.

It should also be a good idea to bring along a headlamp if you want to light up your way in the sun.

Also, be prepared for the crowds of people who may be in the vicinity.

Phanataks main square is a popular spot for Phun celebrations, with colourful lanterns and other art and decor.

It’s the biggest public gathering place for Phanants people, so be prepared to get lost if you don’t know where to turn.

There is a huge number of shops and restaurants located in Phaengkorn, so it’s wise to plan ahead.

The city’s famous Phanakorn shopping mall is the perfect place to shop for the goods you want.

There’s also a huge array of clothing and accessories to choose from.

In Phanajet, a town about 20 kilometres from the capital in the south, there is a big Thai street market where you’ll find all the things you need.

The market is also a good place to pick up some snacks and souvenirs to take home.

Where to eat: Phanas popular street food is Phanapat, a combination of beef and pork dishes.

Phanasi is a type of rice dish that is popular throughout Thailand.

It is made from rice flour mixed with spices and cooked in a pan.

The dish is popular with Thais who want a different dish than that usually served at a Phanadaks restaurant.

Phanas popular street is also known for its fish and seafood, especially from the area known as the ‘Thailand’s fish market’.

Phanas fish market also has a seafood section that sells seafood, shellfish and shrimp.

There also is a wide variety of street foods at Phanaks popular street, including noodle soup, noodle curry, and noodles.

If you’re in the mood for a traditional Thai street food, Ph

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