How to spot a thief in your house

I don’t usually pay attention to the things that are happening in my house, but a thief recently broke into my house and stole some jewelry.

I don’t have any idea what the thief was looking for, but my wife told me it was a bracelet.

And I’m like, wow.

I’m a realist, but it makes me wonder what other things are in my home.

What are the people who have access to the place?

I just want to know, what’s out there that I don’ know about?

So I called the thief’s family.

And they told me the bracelet belonged to my husband.

And it was in the house.

And they said they were really upset and they would like to make sure it’s returned.

So they called me and they sent me an email saying they were going to do everything in their power to get it back.

So I thought I was going to get that back.

But they said no, you’re going to have to wait another day, because it’s going to be back.

I don�t want to wait that long.

So, I had to go get the bracelet from a local pawn shop, and I called that place.

And the woman there told me that the bracelet was still there.

So I called back the owner, and he said he was going over to the pawn shop to retrieve it.

So, I called him, and we went over there and he told me he was still going to retrieve the bracelet.

So they were very nice and we talked about it, and it was just great.

It was just a great experience.

So if someone steals something, they’re going have to come to my house.

So how do I know if the bracelet is gone?

Well, I’m not going to put it on a shelf, I won�t put it in a drawer, and my wife wouldn’t put it anywhere.

I just don’t want to be in the dark about what I�ve been thinking and doing.

So we’ll see.

And hopefully it�s back soon.

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