Lexus is launching a new VR product called “Hoseheads”

The Lexus VR line is coming to the web this summer and the new product is called “hoseheads.”

The company is announcing that this will be its first product with a virtual reality headset, though the company is not revealing the price or launch window for the new project.

We don’t know if the product will be priced anywhere near the $100 price point of the HTC Vive headset, or even the $200 price point the Oculus Rift is offering for its first wave of consumer VR headsets.

We can only assume it will be more expensive than the current Oculus Rift VR headset.

The device will be sold as a pair, though it’s unclear how the pair will be integrated into the virtual reality experience.

A price has not been disclosed.

Hosehead is powered by the same GPU architecture as the Oculus and Vive headsets, but it is expected to have a slightly lower latency.

That is a big deal, as latency is the most common component in VR latency.

The VR headsets are designed to offer a virtual world that feels like the real world in the same way that a physical one feels like real life.

The advantage of using a GPU instead of an integrated VR headset is that it can allow the VR experience to scale to larger areas.

For the time being, Hoseheads is expected not to offer any new games, but rather to focus on VR content that can be streamed directly to a PC.

The company has not announced when it plans to begin mass production of Hosehead.

It’s unclear when the headset will be released to the public, and whether it will have a price.

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