New video shows moment of impact after boat goes off course

A boat with a number of passengers and crew on board has gone off course in the Eastern Australian Outback.

Key points:A boat was off course about a quarter of a kilometre off the coast of Bass Strait, and has not been located sinceIt happened about 2:00pm on SundayThe boat was carrying four people and seven crew members, with two men in the front seat.

The incident happened about two kilometres off the eastern coast of the Bass Strait about 30 kilometres north of Alice Springs, and is now being investigated by the state government.

The vessel was carrying the passengers, five crew members and three passengers from the Australian Outbound Boat Club, according to the NSW Maritime Safety Authority.

There was no immediate word on the condition of the four passengers.

“There was a lot of water on the boat and the crew had been using some of that water for the last hour,” Captain Andrew Wilson said.

“I can’t remember exactly when they started paddling, but we did start about a minute ago and I was paddling with them, and I saw the boat go into the water about a half kilometre offshore.”‘

We’ve been through so much in our lives’The crew was on a medical call on Sunday afternoon and had to leave the boat for safety reasons, Captain Wilson said, but were able to resume their journey.

“We’ve had a lot in our life, and it’s all about going on and making sure that we’re in a place where we’re safe, and that’s why we’re doing what we’re going to do to try and find this person,” he said.

Captain Wilson said the boat was about a third of the way along the coast when it went into the river.

“It’s pretty clear that the boat had lost a good amount of power and there was a big bang.

The boat went over the rocks about a kilometer and a half away from the shore and I think the crew thought it was a good idea to put the boat down and then get into the boat, and the boat went off the rails,” he told ABC Radio Tasmania.”

Then about half a kilometree later, it was still sailing.”

He said the crew decided to go on ahead with the trip.

“They said, ‘OK, if we just go out, we can do it tomorrow, we’re fine, we’ve been up here for like a week,'” Captain Wilson explained.

“When we left that, I can tell you there was quite a bit of water in the boat.

We’ve been so far on the road, and we’ve done it a couple of times and done the whole thing at about 20 kilometres an hour.”

The next morning we had a look at the boat’s computer, and there were no signs of damage whatsoever.

We did a couple more scans and no damage whatsoever.”‘

It’s a real shock”Captain Wilson described the situation as “very serious” and said the situation was “completely chaotic”.”

It was a very serious situation,” he added.”

You know, the crew were pretty shaken up.

The crew were a bit shocked at the time, because we’ve had so much life in our day, and so many people to take care of, and they had been on a lot more than just medical calls, so to see that happen, you know, we had to be very careful.”‘

I’m not sure what happened’After the incident, the Australian Safety Council (ASC) said in a statement it was looking into the incident.”


We have an active investigation underway.”


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