Polygon’s new “Sexting” feature for all platforms

Polygon is rolling out an update for all its platforms to address the issue of “sexts” being shared across platforms.

The news was first reported by Polygon, but has since been confirmed by Polygons partners at GQ and the Associated Press.

The new feature will let users share videos of themselves doing something in-game that might be suggestive of an act of sexual violence or abuse.

The update also includes a number of other changes to the app, including a new chat feature, an option to mute or delete your messages and a new “sexy” mode that will highlight certain photos and videos that might potentially show sexual misconduct.

Users can also opt to disable notifications from a variety of platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

“In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out a number [of] features that will help our users stay safe online,” a Polygon spokesperson told Polygon.

“The most important of these will be a new feature for the iOS and Android versions of the app that will allow users to disable the ability for apps and social networks to notify you of their account balances.

Users who have enabled this feature can also now mute their messages, and a user-defined option to not send messages at all, in a way that makes it easier for people to take precautions to stay safe.

We’re also adding a new Sexy mode that we hope will be more user-friendly and less intrusive than our previous ones, and we’re also making it easier to delete a user’s messages.”

Users can toggle between the two Sexy modes in Settings > Messages.

Polygon will update the app regularly with new features, so users should keep an eye on the new features for updates to the game.

The “Sleeping With Seductions” feature has been a major topic of discussion among the gaming community since the launch of the popular app in December 2016.

On Twitter, Polygon users have been calling for more action on the issue.

“@Polygon you are not the only ones who feel like s**t has been sent to your inbox,” user @hxn_g posted.

“I think you are the ones doing the real work.

You can’t expect to change the culture on the web without doing real work, and it is happening here.”

Polygon also has a series of articles on sexual assault that have been popular on Twitter.

In a series that began last week, Polygon’s senior editor of public policy, Katherine Crosson, wrote that “this is a terrible epidemic that is spreading unchecked across the internet.”

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