Socal football: Manoj Kumar Sharma’s career in pictures

Socal footballer Manoj Sharma has made a lot of history and has become the first Indian footballer to make the semi-finals of the World Cup.

He has made the final of the semi, as well as the final and the final at the AFC Champions League, and is now the most successful Indian player in the history of the tournament.

But Sharma’s greatest achievement is his career in the national side.

In the 2015 World Cup, he scored in India’s opening game against Italy to clinch the qualification to the next round.

He was the only Indian to score in the final, as he scored against England and the Netherlands to make it 3-1.

Now he is in the semis, having scored in the second leg of the final against Italy.

It was an amazing game.

He’s the first player in history to score three goals in the semi final.

He has become a legend of Indian football, and has made his mark on Indian cricket.

He scored the last run of runs in the game and then took off in a hasty fashion.

He is also the first to take off from the ground in the first innings.

He had an incredible career, but there is still a lot to be done.

We will have to wait for him to make his debut in the next World Cup or the World T20.

The second leg was a bit of a tough one.

I think I was very unlucky in the way I played against the Italians.

I was playing a game of the first ball that went my way and was a tad too slow to get out of the way.

However, I was able to get a few runs in and get myself back into the game.

There was a lot going on.

Sharma’s team-mate and former England batsman Gary Ballance was also on the field.

He made a huge impact and it was one of the best performances of his career.

It took us some time to get back to our feet and the first Test of the next Test was probably the worst Test I’ve ever played in.

But I think we played well and Sharma was definitely one of our better performers in that match.

I thought the next day we got a couple of runs back in and I think that was one or two of the key points of the game, which was the batsman, Sharma, getting a couple to put the ball into the crease.

He was a real threat to score runs and he has made history.

He had a really good first-class career and has done very well for India.

His performances in the World Cups have been phenomenal and his performances for the Indian team have been even better.

I think it’s very important that we keep improving.

It’s a great opportunity for the future and I’m sure we will keep working hard.

We have a good team and we are going to make our way to the final.

We are a big country, and we need to keep improving, improve our players and keep working harder for India to make a good run in the tournament, which is our aim.

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