Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 owners receive ‘more than they bargained for’ update

The latest Xperia Z and Z2 handsets from Sony, with a host of new features and a host more refinements, have just been released to the public for testing.

The Xperia Z3 and Z5 models are the latest additions to Sony’s flagship line-up, following on from the Z1 and Z1 Compact, both of which saw the Xperia Z series go into production.

The new Xperia Z, which comes with a Snapdragon 801 chipset, has a 5.5-inch display and 4K video recording.

The Xperia Z1, meanwhile, has the same display as the Z2, but comes with 4K audio recording, a larger battery and a quad-core processor.

While the Z3 was only released in Japan on Friday, the Xperia Q4 has been rolled out in the US, and it’s due to be released on November 11 in the UK.

In addition to the camera updates, there are also some changes to the software side of things.

Sony has added an Android 4.3.4 KitKat update, which adds support for new apps and improvements to the phone’s battery life.

The update also brings improved camera performance and improved Wi-Fi performance, as well as the ability to take pictures from the lock screen.

Sony also has a new ‘Personalised’ feature, which enables users to choose between the default and customised design.

This means the Xperia XZ and XZ Compact will be available in a different colour scheme, the XZ Classic will be white and the XS will be gold.

The XZ Premium will also be available, with silver trim.

The company also announced that Xperia phones will now come with support for a ‘Mobile Share’ feature that lets users use an Xperia phone on the web or the internet, with the option to share photos, videos and music with other Xperia owners on the same account.

This is a new feature that will enable people to share pictures and videos with each other on their favourite social networks.

Other new features include the Xperia’s new camera app, which now has a built-in ‘auto HDR’ mode, and an enhanced ‘camera HDR’ setting, which makes it easier to capture a more vibrant image when you’re photographing a subject.

Other Sony-exclusive features include a new NFC ‘smart phone’ feature for use with Samsung’s Gear VR, a new Xperia Connect TV tuner, the company’s ‘Smart Hub’ app, the ability for users to create their own customised settings, and more.

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