What the BDO forum is saying about the US presidential election

The BDO is not the only financial news outlet to have called for Donald Trump to be impeached.

But the former owner of the influential Wall Street Journal, Jeff Bezos, has taken to Twitter to argue that the media should also consider the prospect of Trump’s impeachment.

In an op-ed published on the Journal’s website, Bezos said that the “political and media establishment is on the verge of electing a president who is far more dangerous than he seems”.

“They have already started making their moves to remove him from office, and if they succeed, there’s no stopping them,” he wrote.

“This election will determine who becomes the next leader of our country.

That’s why it’s critical that we stand up for democracy and not let the elites get away with it.”

In the op-ad, which was written on Friday, Bezos argued that Trump “has been, from the start, an untrustworthy candidate and he has not demonstrated that he has the temperament or judgement to be president”.

“His disregard for the rule of law is staggering.

He has no clue about the rules of engagement in Washington or the dangers that we face as a country,” he said.”

The political establishment has been working for months to undermine the legitimacy of his candidacy.

If the election turns out to be a vote on him, we will see him prosecuted for crimes he committed, not impeached,” he added.

The Journal has had to deal with the fallout from Trump’s candidacy, as his opponents have accused the billionaire of using a tax loophole to avoid paying income tax.

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