What’s happening to Texas hunting in 2017?

This year, Texas hunters are going through a different set of challenges than they did in previous years.

In 2016, the Texas Department of Game and Fish and the state’s Game and Water Commission signed a deal to merge the Texas Game and Aquaculture Commission with the state Game and Wildlife Department.

The new arrangement allows the department to work with private companies to purchase and sell game.

In exchange, the state will pay $300 million in revenue bonds to support the new partnership.

But this year, some hunters are having a hard time finding money to keep the business afloat.

In February, the TxDG announced that it had been unable to secure a new $50 million loan for the game-buying arm of the department, which would help cover the cost of the purchase of about 500,000 acres of public land.

“The game industry has been hit by record-breaking losses for the last few years,” said Dave Knecht, president of the Texas Hunters Association.

“Our numbers show the industry is in dire straits and needs help.”

Many hunters, including Kneich, are frustrated that the department is spending money on things that are not necessary for the survival of the industry.

The TxG has been funding a $1.8 million project to restore the Texas River Game Management Area.

This is part of a larger $1 billion plan that will eventually cover the costs of the new game purchase.

In addition, a new state agency, the Game and Waters Conservation Commission, will be tasked with the management of all the game and fisheries in the state.

This agency is expected to be a new agency with a new mission.

But many hunters, like Kneiche, are not happy with the new administration’s approach to the game industry.

“It’s very disappointing,” Knechet said.

“They are very aggressive, and they want to take over the industry and take control of it.

That’s not going to happen.”

And this has been happening for a while, too.

The state of Texas lost more than 4 million game animals in 2017, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

“We had an awful lot of animals come out of our state and die, and the people in charge are very insensitive,” said Knech.

“That was something that happened decades ago, and it’s just not going away.”

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