When the NRA, the NRA will stop being the bad guys

Posted November 16, 2018 04:05:17The National Rifle Association has been at the center of gun control controversy for decades, with a history of pushing legislation that often has unintended consequences.

But its most recent foray into gun control has taken aim at the NRA itself, with the group issuing a statement this week that said that it is not a gun control group, despite what the group claims.

It’s the latest blow to the gun rights group, which is on track to lose some 1 million members over the next few years and has been the subject of a fierce, divisive political battle over gun control.

The NRA has been targeted in recent months for its ties to gun violence.

As the number of Americans who are gun owners is expected to increase over the coming years, the National Rifle Act of 1934 is expected become more of a burden on gun owners, and the NRA has long sought to keep the law from being passed.

On Monday, NRA spokeswoman Amy Hollander said that the organization is not part of the anti-gun movement, and that it does not support any particular political ideology.

“We are not part and parcel of any political party,” Hollander wrote in an email.

“There is no NRA PAC, nor is there a PAC affiliated with the NRA.”

Hollander added that the NRA “does not advocate for or oppose gun control.”

The NRA is a major lobbying group for gun manufacturers and is the biggest gun lobby in the United States.

The organization has worked to expand gun rights by promoting legislation that has allowed the use of background checks to buy guns.

Its position on gun control is complicated.

It’s part of a broad group of groups that support gun control, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which opposes gun control measures.

But it’s not a political party.

The National Rifle Institute has said it is nonpartisan and has never been part of any lobbying effort.

In addition, the organization has opposed laws that would require background checks on gun sales.

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