Why are the NCI’s rules on bump stocks so vague?

ESPN Crikey’s Andrew Davies has broken down all the rules around bump stocks and their implications on the NCIS.

We’ve previously covered bump stocks on the TV show The Insider, and now the series will take a closer look at how the law will impact firearms owners.

The NCIS has long been known as a gun show, and while bump stocks are a hot topic, the show’s producers have always been cautious with how they handled them.

 While bump stocks have been used on-air, they haven’t been used in-person, and they have been banned in most states except for Connecticut, where a few people were able to bring them into the state.

But on Sunday, the NCBIA’s new regulations on bump stock use came into effect, which means that the show will be able to use the devices on-screen and will not be required to restrict use to on-set, production, or otherwise.

A bump stock is an electronic device that attaches to a weapon and allows the user to shoot a high-powered round at a target in a more controlled manner.

While the devices are currently illegal in the United States, they are currently legal in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

According to the NCIA, the devices pose no risk to the public, but there are some potential risks.

“Bump stocks can cause rapid and potentially deadly discharge from the device,” the agency states.

“Bump stock devices, especially those that have a short trigger pull, may be difficult to control in the hands of inexperienced users.

If a bump stock becomes jammed or fails to function properly, a user could be seriously injured or even killed.

If a bump rifle or rifle bolt malfunctiones, a shot may be missed, causing the shooter to lose control of the weapon.

It is the responsibility of the user, operator, or dealer to comply with all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, use, sale, transfer, and transportation of firearms and ammunition, including but not limited to regulations pertaining to the sale of bump stocks.”

The rules also make it clear that bump stocks will not qualify as assault weapons under the National Firearms Act, which has been a key issue in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Many people have expressed concern that bump stock owners may use bump stocks to commit mass shootings.

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