Why does Darren Enos look so sad?

We know Darren Enoch is a huge sports fan and we all know he loves the NBA.

But we all also know how sad he looks.

Darren Enohs dad says he is battling cancer and that his son is battling a long battle.

Darren’s dad is battling pancreatic cancer and he is in the middle of a grueling treatment process.

“He has been through so much, he’s been through a lot, and we know how tough it is,” Darren’s father Brendan Enos told the ABC.

“He’s been in and out of hospitals, he has been in a lot of surgery and he has had some surgeries that have taken him quite a long time.”

But I think that his health is very much his business and he’s not just a football player and a basketball player and he knows that.

On Friday, Darren will celebrate his 40th birthday. “

And it is something that he is very proud of, that he has made the journey that he does and that he came back with such an amazing performance for the team.”

On Friday, Darren will celebrate his 40th birthday.

We know he’s the type of guy who would rather be playing basketball than worrying about what’s going on in his life.

Darren is the man of the moment at the start of his career and he’ll be remembered as one of the most memorable players to play the game.

Darren and his mother, Joanna, have been married for 12 years.

He will be very missed.

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